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Softball camps start in Nov. for grades 7-12

October 17, 2012

2012-2013 University of St. Thomas

Coach John Tschida’s Fastpitch Softball Clinics


--UST is the winningest program in NCAA Division III softball over the last 10 years!

--UST has led the MIAC in hitting 11 of 12 years and in home runs 10 of 12 years!

--Eleven times in the last 14 seasons UST pitchers have earned NCAA All‐America awards!

--UST’s catchers average giving up just seven stolen bases a year leading to UST catchers earning All‐Region awards seven times! 

Cost: $200 per session, which includes a T‐shirt. 

If you sign up for two sessions (1 pitching and 1 hitting, total cost will be discounted $50 off making the total for two sessions $350. This is a five‐day on-going clinic designed  to work on something new each session and to improve upon last session’s lessons. Signing up for a session means getting all five dates as part of the $200 fee. 

We have six hand-held high-definition cameras we use to film players at the stations so everyone gets a chance to be filmed and have a coach evaluate their techniques. 

HITTING: Grades 7‐12: 

This clinic emphasizes the fundamentals of hitting through instruction, drills and video analysis. 

Throughout the five sessions, students will learn about  hitting as well as other topics such as Sports Psychology and Slapping. 

PITCHING: Grades 7-12: 

Fundamentals of throwing the fastball, rise ball, drop ball, curve ball, screw ball, change‐up. 

Topics include: How to increase velocity, mastering command of the strike zone, getting the ball to move, winning the mental game, how to call your own game, developing a routine,  mechanical faults. 

There will be lots of drills and opportunities to throw live each day. 

You do not need to bring your own catcher, as we will have the catcher’s from the catcher’s clinic catching and if your catcher is attending, she may pair up with you at that time. 

CATCHING: Grades 7-12: 

There is a separate clinic for catchers coexisting with the pitcher’s clinic. This is a five‐day on-going clinic. 

Catchers will cover the three stances, blocking drills and skills, throwing footwork to each base, quick exchange drills, framing, bunt defense, wild pitches, pitchouts,  double plays and live catching. 

We will also cover how to call a game and how to master the mental game. 


What to Bring:

Please label all of your belongings. 

Hitters: Bring your own bat and batting gloves. Some bats will be available. 

Catchers: Bring your own catching gear. 

Pitchers: Bring non‐floor marking tennis shoes 

Everyone should bring their glove on the last day of camp. 

Where: University of  St. Thomas’ McCarthy Gym located on the South Campus.­‐ 93.19156050682068&lat=44.9436753878781&maptype=UST&zoomlevel=16&searchtype=buildings&searchterm=McCarthy%20Gymnasium%20(MCG)&ids=[%2258%22]


These Dates are included in the $200 cost or $350 cost

for two sessions:

Sunday: November 18
Sunday: December 9
Sunday: December 16
Sunday: January 13
Sunday: January 20

Information Provided:

 Video Analysis


Sports Psychology

Strength & Conditioning

Times (all p.m.):

Session 1: Pitching: 12:15-2:15
Session 2: Catchers: 12:15-2:15


Session 3: Hitting: 2:45-4:45 Session 4: Hitting: 5-7:00


Where: at the University of St. Thomas’ McCarthy Gym located on the South Campus.[%2258%22]


Sorry, we do not have on-line sign up -- copy the info below into a document and return by mail.

First Name:                            Last Name:


Street Address:


City:                                                  State:                    Zip Code:


E-Mail Address:


High School                                                              


High School Year of Graduation:  

2012     2013            2014      2015      2016      2017


Insurance Company:                                             

Policy Number:



Adult T-Shirt Size:        XXL                 XL                    L          M         S          XS


Circle the Session(s) You Are Signing Up For:


Session 1: Pitching: 12:15-2:15 pm                                                 Session 3: Hitting: 2:45-4:45 pm

Session 2: Catchers: 12:15-2:15 pm                                                Session 4: Hitting: 5-7 pm


Circle the Position(s) you play:         Pitcher         Catcher          1B         2B         SS        3B         OF 


Parent or Guardian’s Name(s)



Email address                                             



Cell Phone:                                                    Home Phone:



I/we give my/our permission for:                                                                

to participate in Cheetah’s Championship Softball Clinic. He/she is healthy & under no physical restrictions. I/ we know that participation in baseball & softball may result in serious injuries & protective equipment does not prevent all injuries to players, & do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, & agree to hold harmless, Cheetah’s Championship Softball & Baseball, Inc., the University of St. Thomas, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants and persons transporting my/our child to & from activities & confirm she is covered by accident or liability insurance.



Please mail in your registration with a $200 check for each session,

made out to Cheetah’s Championship SB and mail it to:                                         

John Tschida

406 Duke Street

St. Paul, MN 55102

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