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Video Q & A with Tommie Women's Basketball Student Athletes

July 15, 2008

Watch as students Jessica Katch, Sheena Porter, and Jenni Gillard talk about their experiences as UST Women's Basketball players.

Jessica Katch...

Jessica KatchWhat has your overall student athlete experience been like here at St. Thomas?

Describe what it takes to be a successful student athlete.

How does time management play a role in the student athlete experience?

What drew you to St. Thomas?

What do you love about St. Thomas basketball?

What qualities will help you make the transition from high school basketball to college?

Describe the team mentality that has developed in the St. Thomas Women’s Basketball Program.

What is distinguishable about the women’s basketball program at St. Thomas?

What do you appreciate about the culture that has been established in the UST women’s basketball program? 

What qualities does Coach expect from her team?

What style of communication do you have with Coach Sinn?

What have you learned from Coach Sinn? 

Describe the practice environment here at St. Thomas.

What have you learned about facing competition in the St. Thomas Women's Basketball Program? 

What are the lessons you have learned here at St. Thomas?

What has the game of basketball taught you? 

What does it take to win a conference championship?

What was it like when you won the conference championship?



Sheena Porter...

Sheena PorterWhy did you choose St. Thomas? 

What do you love about our St. Thomas Women's Basketball Program?

What have you learned from playing here at St. Thomas? 

What have you learned from the coaching staff at St. Thomas?

What have you valued most about being involved in basketball? 

Explain what the practice environment is about.

Describe what your first week of practice was like your freshmen year.



Jenni Gillard...

Describe what it is like to be a member of the St. Thomas Women's Basketball team.

What have you learned from playing basketball at St. Thomas?

What are the strong points of the Women's Basketball Program?

Describe Coach Sinn.

What is special about playing on the St. Thomas Women's Basketball team?

What is it like playing at the collegiate level?

What kind of support do you receive from the St. Thomas community?

What was it like to win the conference championship?

Describe your favorite memory from this past season.

What are your hopes for the future of St. Thomas Women's Basketball?



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